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Putting the foam on for carving.
Putting the foam on for carving, then fiberglassing.  In  my own personal opinion I think
that making an aluminum cowling is a lot less work and would be lighter than an all glass
cowl.( a lot less mess too!!)

Doing the final trim work to the sheet metal.

Worm's eye view of the cowling.

The cowling and the turtle deck are made out of .025" 5052T0 it's easy to form.

Notice the holes in the sheeting under the spark plugs?  Easy to change.

Front view of the propeller reduction unit.

View over the nose.

Up close and personal with the motor detail.

Here is the plug for laying up the fiberglass.  I will add the cooling holes later and
contour them with Bondo and clean up the overall shape of the nose.  It doesn't matter
if this is rough because it's the inside of the finished cowling.