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Flying Pics
I gave my Dad the camera and showed him how to use it.  Needless to say I don't have any pictures.  I'll get some taken the next time that I take it out on the lake.
At first with the tail wheel on I had a little trouble with the ground handling on the snow and ice because the tail wheel kept getting stuck in the tracks and rutts left by the snowmobiles but after I took the tail wheel off and replaced it with a skid things went a lot better.  Throttle forward, speed picks up,she wiggles a little bit then as the speed begins to build things calm down, at about 20ish the tail picks up, she floats to the side a little,  push the rudder pedal and she responds gently but proportionately, ease in a little more throttle, she starts to get light on her skis, now it's picking up off the ground an inch or two, cut the throttle ease back down, increase the throttle she starts to pick up again, the control pressures are light but not over responsive, oops she is rolling right don't forget to hold the stick strait, center the stick push on the left rudder, there,  going straight again, throttle down turn around, start all over again.

I did this for about an hour and made some hops to an incredible altitude of approximately 6".  So far there are no suprises and the visibility over the nose is more than excellent.  I can see about 8 feet out in front of the nose at 35 mph.  I remember during flight training in the Cesnas and Pipers the visibility out over the nose was only good when you were on final approach (diving).  The view over the nose is better sitting still in this little bird than I ever had in any other aircraft, even the tricycle gear equiped.  When it stalls the mains just go back to the deck.  So far there is not a pronounced stall break.  This will have to be explored at a later time.  At 35 mph if you pull the stick back soft she responds by starting a climb.  There was no noticed tendancy to porpoise when the tail was lowered. The only time that it offered to ground loop was when I was taking it back to the parking spot which is an ice skating area I pushed the rudder all the way to the stops and the tail swung around a little further than I had intended.  No problem just hop out and pick up the tail and pull it backward into the tie downs( this was on glare ice).

 I have not flown in quite a few years and I was only uncomfortable until the second or third run down the lake.  After that I never even got worried.  Great little plane.

All in all I could not possibly be more pleased with the outcome of my labor and time!  I can't wait until I can go back out tomarrow and start over again.

Doing the pre-flight check.  I didn't get to fly today because the wind was 5-15 mph.   
During a calm period I tried it and could not turn while heading downwind or when
I was going sideways to the wind.   Oh well I'll have to wait for better weather.

Well I went out for about a half hour before dark.  I was doing about 40 mph and I
pulled back on the stick and it took off.  I thought that was pretty neat  so I tried it
again at 30 and it did the same thing,  pretty impressive so I tried it a 25 and it slowly
took off, wow so I tried it at 20 mph and it mushed into ground effect and rocked
up and down picking the mains up and then putting them down.  I was really sup-
rised to see it trying to fly at 20 mph with no flaps pulled.   When going from 20 to
40 mph there is no real dicernable difference in the way the plane acts except for
the sound of the motor.  All of the controls are functional once you get over 20 mph.
That's all I have for now because of the limited amount of time I had to play.

Well I went out today and taxied down the lake for two passes and checked the run
way for problems.  Upon finding everything ok I opened her up and made a 4 foot
high flight down the lake.  There was no tendancy to roll or pitch up or down, just
rock steady and straight forward.  After landing I had a little trouble keeping it going
straight at below 20 mph because all of the snow has melted off of the ice.  I ajusted
the skis to stay at the right angle and went for another flight.  This time I went to about
10 feet and again everything went fine.  I will have to set the alierons for a little more
travel the roll is not very responsive.  I taxied back to the other end of the lake and
put it to about 5000 (of  7800 rpm) and at about 30 I pulled it into the air.  I level off at
30 feet and 35 mph.  At this speed it still wanted to climb so I eased the stick forward
and then started to pick up some speed to 49 mph.  I lowed the power and it started
settle down to the ground.  Thinking I had lost too much speed to flare I put in a little
more power and climbed back up to 30 feet and tried it again this time keeping my
speed up to 35 mph.  I miss judged my flare point and hit rather hard breaking the
right side upright support on the landing gear.  Well now I will have to make the gear
stronger.  I did not really hit very hard.   Maybe shock absorbing gear is on the way.
The two little tubes are all that were damaged so I will probaly make it stronger and
go flying again tomarrow.  Even though I broke the gear I don't really care because
this plane flies better than a Cessna 152!

02/03/02    Here is a shot of my new gear legs.  The drag tubes and bungies still need
to be added but I will do that when I get home from work on thursday.

This thing is starting to look kinda like a Storch bush plane.

Febuary 16 2002.
I bought a 1920's house and I am in the process of doing a complete remodel on the
interior.  Between this and work I have not had any time for playing with my plane.

Now it doesn't kinda look like a Storch it really looks like a Storch.  With this new
gear the intended purpose of my plane is finally evident!!  It's a bush plane.

After the bungies go their full travel I still have about 8" of ground clearance on my
prop.  That's the price you pay for having a 72" prop on an ultralight.  I don't mind.

I'll finish the paint job in the spring when the weather is better.

Here are my combo springs and shock absorbers.  This is just a temporary fix to get
the plane to stay up on it's gear.  I will rewind the bungies later to get them right.

First trip around the pattern

Here if you look by the wind sock you can see me about to touch down.

Just started to flare.

Taking it back to the hanger.
Next time I will set the camera on high resolution so that I can zoom in closer on the
plane while in the air.  I did not put up any of the take-off pics because I'm just a dot
in the sky.

Just before the big flight.  Left to right Tiffany(Quentin's daughter,Quentin,Bryan,Mom,
and Dad.  Quentin was taking some video of me while I was flying.  He did and excellent
job.  I will have to see if we can get together and get som video up to see.