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Close Up Views

Here is a picture of the front wing mount.

The wing just slips into place and you put a bolt through the spar.

I am using tapered alierons because I like the look of wings made this way.

Here is one side of the alieron hinge.  It hooks to the "I" bolt that is on the back of the
wing.  Mine are spaced about every 4 feet.

The picture is a little fuzzy but this is the"I" bolt the alieron hooks to.

This is one of the elevator hinges.  It's just two "I" bolts with a bolt holding them together.

Here is the elevator cable hook-up.  Really simple.  You put a slide together clamp on
the housing then you bolt the end to the bellcrank.  I love these things.
This is the top hinge on the rudder.  Two "I" bolts again.  The great thing is that the
"I" bolts are what were used to bolt the rudder together during assembly.  No gussetts
no extra bolts.

The bottom hinge on the rudder.  Here you can see the tapering the tail leaf spring.

Top view of the tail wheel.  I used the front leaf spring of a 1980 Kawasaki snowmobile
it's tapered from 1/4" to 1/16" at the end where the wheel is bolted.  Lighter than a
1/4" piece that's not tapered by almost 1/2.

For $25 a local machine shop cut these for me. these are the forks that go in the end
of the wing lift struts.

The piece on the right goes between the mount plates on the spars and a bolt goes
through it.  It's made out of .100"  304 stainless steel.  

Here they are assembled.  If you use this type of fitting make sure the eye on the top
has a very tight fit on the 3/8" bolt.

Here are the upper and lower attach fittings

Here are the lower fittings assembled.