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Here she is from the front.  I need to cover one of the wings still.  About a day and a half of
to cover it and paint it.
I am going to fly this plane all winter long and work out all of the bugs.  After that I am
Going to pack it up and drive down to Sun and Fun in Florida and later I will take it over
to Oshkosh, WI.  If intrest is high enough I will sell a kit for this plane.  Since I don't
need to make a years income off of one of these planes I will sell them for a good price.
Just a question , why do kit ultralights like this sell for $15,000 to $20,000?!!!!!
Minus the engine I have around $3000 in it.

Here is a view of the clamshell type door.  Bryan is a little under 4 feet tall so you can see the
size that this plane is.  I stand 6"0" and I can easily see over the wing.

I didn't think to take a picture of the bottom of the lower wing.  It's a 9 foot american flag.  There
will be one on each of the lower wings.
The tail comes off with 3 bolts.  I need to take the tail home to paint it and repair the covering
where I dropped the redrive on it so the tail is not attached it actually fits a lot tighter to the
body than you see here,  when it is bolted on there is not a gap between it and the fuselage.
I made it this way so that you can take the tail off and roll it onto a trailer sideways and not have
to remove the wings.  From the nose bowl to the prop is 8-1/2 feet, just the right width to be legal.
Of course I am going to add wheel pants in the spring when I take the skis off..

Here you can kinda see the paint scheme on the upper wing.

I need to clean up a couple of paint dribbles and wash it but here is the upper wing top.

Here she is with the tail removed.  Now you can see the radiator and its shrouding.  All four of
the wings will have full length flaperons on them.   According to the math I have run I should stall
with no flaps at 35mph with full flaps I should stall at around 23mph.

Oops.  I still need to trim that flying wire.  Here is a view of the gear.  Needs better light.

Side view of the cockpit.  Never mind the mess inside it is still under construction.  The gas
strut is not installed yet so my son Bryan is holding it open for me.

Here is the instrument panel.  Tiny Tach, Water Temp, Airspeed, Dual EGT for mixture setting.
I zippy tied the rear windows in so that I would not have to drill on important structural members
to install the windows.  I guess a guy could use velcro but I didn't want to risk loosing a window
when it is -15 degrees out side. :-)

I decided to cover the radiator area with PTEG (like Lexan but better) for inspection reasons.
Later a second seat will go in this area. Still need to tidy up in here a bit.  Those cables
that hang down from the top will be secured to the sides.  They go out to the ailerons and those
loose wires on the floor run the position beacon on my tail.

Here is the heart of my little plane.  It is out of my 1997 Arctic Cat 440cc ZL snowmoblile.
The manufacturer claims 97 hp but I think it is probably 65-70 hp instead.  I am in the process
of adding a longer pull rope to the engine so that I can start it from the seat that's why the
starter unit is missing.  I am also ordering a 3 blade 60" diameter prop for this engine.  It turns
this 54" prop to way over 8000 rpm so I need more prop.  The redline is 8200 to 8500 rpm.

Here is the throttle quadrant I got it from Wicks for $35.  It has the choke and throttle on it and
it works really well.  Sure glad I didn't have to make one of these little things.  What a pain!

Here is where I hid the radiator.  This is the area where the fuse and tail come together.

I was just going through my files and I found the original working concept drawing for the design.
I decided not to use the V-tail but other than some minor adjustments like getting rid of the 25hp
Motor the design has survived to completion.  Usually life doesn't work that way when you start
a project like this.  The end result ends up looking a lot different than the concept you had in the
begining.   Just a thought.      Mike Robbins

Here is a picture of the author.